Universal IoT Platform
Connect Your Devices – Store Data – Analyze

An ecosystem of software tools that enables you to connect a broad range of devices from various IoT networks, store the received data, and then analyze and visualize it.

Connect Your Devices

Connect a wide range of devices via MQTT, HTTP, and many other IoT networks. Process messages in JSON, SenML, and binary formats.

Store Data

Store and manage scalar or structured data collected from your devices in a Big Data database.

Be Informed

Visualize the stored values and create sets to get the most out of your data.

Show Data in Maps

Display your own map layers or heat maps using a geographic portal.

Analyze Data

Use the collected data for continuous or reverse analyses and take advantage of predictive analysis.

Stay up to Date

Stay informed about the status of your IoT project thanks to the administration interface and mobile application.

Examples of use

TCP IoT Platform Advantages

  • Integration across IoT networks and technologies
  • Open without vendor lock-in
  • Reliable solution based on cloud technologies
  • Well-documented integration API
  • Professional support
  • IoT project monitoring


Who Is the IoT Platform for?

The TCP IoT Platform is meant for the measuring of various metrics not only within Smart City, but also to find out the energy demand of buildings or optimize processes in companies.

Towns and Cities

It is possible to use the TCP IoT Platform as a digitalization tool to measure:

  • Levels of CO, NO2, and SO2 in the air.
  • Vehicle traffic.
  • Load on travel roads.
  • Optimization of energy demand of buildings or public lighting.
  • Real-time vacancy of city parking lots.

Institutions, Schools, or Kindergartens

The TCP IoT Cloud offers monitoring of the internal atmosphere and energy consumption optimization when upgrading institutions and school facilities.

  • Continuous room temperature, humidity, and CO2 measuring.
  • Optimization of water, electricity, and gas consumption.
  • Automated water meter reading and accident alerting.


Even though many companies have shifted towards digitalization and process automation, there are specific gaps in their mutual optimization. The TCP IoT Cloud offers to companies to deploy supplemental measuring, which will enable to uncover losses or the level of adherence to the output product quality.

  • Monitoring and optimization of forklift routes.
  • Pallet movement monitoring - from the supplier to the customer.
  • Uncovering undesirable relations (open door -> heat leaks -> higher energy consumption -> higher costs).
  • Quality of storage space (heat, cooling, dust, gas influence, etc.).


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