Universal IoT Platform
Connect Your Devices – Store Data – Analyze

Connecting a Device

The TCP IoT Cloud enables the connection of a variety of IoT sensors from different manufacturers and also communication through various networks and protocols.

Currently, it support the connection via:

  • ČRa LoRa network
  • LoRa private network
  • SigFox
  • NB-IoT – Vodafone
  • IQRF
  • MQTT
  • http
  • SenML
  • M-Bus

Other networks and protocols that are not included in the list can be added.

Data Storage

Data from all sensors are stored in projects within the unified IoT Cloud platform in the following structure:

Organization 1 › Project 1 › User 1 / User 2

Each project has own separate database, which can be accessed based on user rights individually.

Data from individual sensors can be simultaneously sent to more projects. For instance, for a Smart City, the city can have the following settings:

  1. Project Main (all) → data from all sensors located in the city.
  2. Project Water Company (based on a type) → only data from sensors related to the water meter reading and sensors in the company.
  3. Project Elementary School (based on location) → data from all sensors placed in one school.

Data Analysis

It possible to create various graphs on a user level from the stored data by simply ‘clicking’, which means a fast graph design modeling. One of the main added values is the option to display data from more resources in one graph and, therefore, analyze the relationships.

What is the price of one minute of open door when storing inventory in the storage room (costs per heating and cooling related to open door.

For example, from data within the storage room:

  • Door status - open time
  • Measuring temperature in the storage room
  • Time for heating/cooling the storage room fully
  • Measuring the electricity consumption

Information you receive:

What is the price of one minute of open door when feeding inventory to the storage room (costs for heating or cooling depending on open door).

Integration API

The data stored in the IoT Cloud are yours and you have them fully under your control. It is only up to you, who you will give access to the data. You can provide the access to the API separately for each project.

IoT Cloud Access

The IoT Cloud is accessed through a web interface and is optimized for PC, tablet, or mobile. Outputs from the IoT Cloud can be access through an individual mobile application or through an app for smart watch.


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