High density DC with high-speed
infrastructure and maximum security

Ultramodern data room dedicated just to your needs

Each of our data rooms is an independent security and operational unit. Security, cooling, fire extinguishing, and electricity and data cabling is separate for each room. They offer all the comfort of a modern data center with the most strict demands for a high level of physical security. The rooms are ready to be certified by the National Security Bureau up to the level Secret.

Ideal GEO backup

Tops 1 hour driving distance from Prague, Southern Bohemia, and Central Bohemia, which is ideal for the placement of geographically independent backup systems.

National security bureau certification

Our data center has been designed with the help from the NSB professionals. All the technologies are in line with security norms and the room can be certified up to the security level Secret. All rooms fulfil the NSB requirements for zone measuring.

High density

Thanks to a unique tech concept, we are able to offer and guarantee up to unparalleled 20 kW per one rack.

Physical security of your servers and data

The original building of the military barracks, consultations with the National Security Bureau, the most modern security technologies, rigid operation processes - these are the qualities that will ensure the perfect security of your technologies and data.


Non-stop physical and virtual monitoring, unlimited access to your technologies without the need to have assistance from the DC technicians. Top security, minimal restrictions thanks to the automation of all processes.

Do you want to know more?

We will be happy to explain the solution in detail and design for you the optimal tailor-made solution.