High density DC with high-speed
infrastructure and maximum security

Physical servers dedicated just to you

As the projects of our customers grow, so do grow the project requirements for hardware. This is also reflected in the responsibility to provide issueless and fast performance of the provided service. These are the main reasons why such situations lead the customers to choose the dedicated physical machine route, where they place their project. For this we are equipped to provide a broad variety of options that will provide the solution to every individual need.

monitoring 24/7/365

Tech support is always available, every hour of the day. Technicians of the monitoring center sit right in the data center and are, therefore, able to react and help you to solve potential critical situations.

Professional server maintenance

We provide our customers with complete maintenance of the delivered servers, including the availability of necessary spare parts and clearly stated reaction periods. This helps us to ensure the highest possible availability.

Support to your maintenance team

The customer is responsible for the installation and management of the dedicated server software, backup, and the operation of applications. Maintenance technicians have physical and remote access available 24/7. You can also use the KVM interface through IP.

Physical security of our servers and data

The original building of the military barracks, consultations with the National Security Bureau, the most modern security technologies, rigid operation processes - these are the qualities that will ensure the perfect security of your technologies and data.


Your servers can be connected to our monitoring systems, which offer non-stop availability monitoring of your infrastructure. If any issues occur, we not only notify you in time, but also provide you with data that will help you identify the issues and find preventive methods.

Quality without compromises

We provide reliable servers from traditional manufacturers. The available configuration for the specific servers stem from our experience with the operation of specific applications and are designed in a way to satisfy various types of real use deployments.

What is included in our services


Rent the server and all necessary accessories to connect to the rack.


Electricity consumption billed based on label values of the specific dedicated server.


Monitoring center right in the data center ready to solve your requests.


You can easily and safely back up your dedicated servers to our cloud.


Guaranteed connection with 100 Mbps speed with up to 10 Gbps.


Remote access to your server without the need for a personal visit.

Implementation support

We are ready to help you with installing OS or a specific application or database environment.

High Availability

In case of your interest, we are able to offer you a dedicated server configuration with high availability.

Do you want to know more?

We will be happy to explain the solution in detail and design for you the optimal tailor-made solution.