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Flexibility, availability, and a high level of control - VPC offers Infrastructure and Computing Resources as a Service while maintaining the functional advantages of a private solution. All the functions are available via a web interface offering an easy management and full control.

IT Resources Sharing

All key resources are shared within the whole company and it is possible to manage them thanks to the cloud web interface.

Self-service and Automation

There is an option to manage the environment and do other admin tasks with a high level of automation.


Resources are easily scaled based on your current needs.

Resource Use Check

Resources and rights are assigned based on organizational departments with subsequent monitoring.

Physical Security of Your Servers

Data center has been approved by the NSB; the most modern security technologies and rigid operational process are the seal of security.

Own Data Center

We are not dependent upon third parties. We own everything in our data center, from the land, to the building and the technologies we manage.


VPC Cloud Advantages

  • Significantly lower operational costs.
  • Flexibility thanks to the option to dedicate resources.
  • Faster and more efficient internal processes thanks to automation.
  • Full environment administration with the option to fully manage projects and user rights.
  • Easy control thanks to REST API or the admin console.
  • Support of all important virtualization platforms and available OS.

Option to use applications and services from third parties

VPC provides a platform which allows the run of applications and services of hundreds of certified providers. This vast ecosystem of applications and services enables the adjustment of the VPC Cloud to the specific needs of every organization.

Use secured private VPC Cloud

Our VPC platform utilizes the verified advanced hardware and software security elements.

Up-to-date VPC Cloud

VPC Cloud, který nabízíme je hybridní/privátní cloud navržený pro zákazníky, kteří hledají flexibilní řešení použitím nejnovějších technologií. Náš cloud umožňuje akceleraci IT řešení díky nástrojům CI/CD a orchestraci Kubernetes.


Do you want to know more?

We will be happy to explain the solution in detail and design for you the optimal tailor-made solution.