We provide services of our own data center and cloud to help modern companies reach operational efficiency

What can we offer to you?

Custom Data Center

with complete facilities found in the TCP building

Private Data Rooms

with own security circuits that are certifiable up to the level “Secret”

Concept High-Density

for racks with the option of input of up to 20 kW per one

Dedicated Servers

fully monitored with complete service and maintenance

Cloud Infrastructure

provided as a Service or as an individual solution

Virtual private cloud

with resource optimization based on your needs all in real-time

CityCloud Platform

aligned with the Czech legal environment focused on the eGovernment concept

Interactive MediaCloud

for the full processing and publication of multimedia data within a city

IoT Platform

compatible with a broad scale of solutions and technologies

Universal Application

within a variety of systems, environment, and industries

IoT Cloud

which is fully containerized for any cloud

Custom IoT Gateway

can be integrated even with non-standard communication technologies

We have one of the most modern
data center


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