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Technology and information

ICT technology brings you one step ahead of your competition. Discover our open approach, maximal care, and open source of innovative steps.

We offer a unique concept

Effective consolidation of IT

We offer the consolidation not only to our business customers, but also to the partners from the academic sphere, self-governance, and local authority. We offer a complex environment for the consolidation of the broad ICT infrastructures with the option to use the most modern cloud technology in the most modern data center in the Czech Republic.

Data center

Data center

Our data center (DC) is unique not only on the national, but also on the European scale. Almost 40 professionals participated on the project; they came from top world companies, such as IBM, APC, Schneider Electric, Stulz, Juniper Networks, and others. DC will be interesting predominantly by its orientation on the ensuring of the most perfect environment and security for the operation of modern ICT services.

Cloud technology

Cloud technologies

We will help you create a private cloud and change the way you provide IT services in your organization. The Cloud team from Technologicke centrum Pisek specializes on the area of private cloud solutions and expert integrated systems for business IT departments, ICT services providers, data centers, telecommunication operators, or technology integrators.

ICT services

ICT services

Technologicke centrum Pisek offers you a list of services in the area of oversight, service, and outsourcing. Out oversight center ensures based on the long-term contracts the nonstop oversight and management of the ICT systems of our customers. We are able to thoroughly guard given applications and processes, immediately detect emerging problems, discover them on time, and solve them proactively.