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Innovative environment

Our inspirational environment supports the development and creativity, invites to gaining knowledge and broadening perspectives. Make your visions a reality; you can count with our support.

Unique placement

The building is placed near the historic city center of Pisek. In the whole Pisek region lives over 70,000 people. In the vicinity of the former barracks, which offer 80,000 m2 of development space, lies the North industrial zone Pisek. City Pisek itself lies on a very important crossroad among Prague, Ceske Budejovice, and Pilsen. The regional centers of Strakonice, Milevsko, and Tabor are within reach. The locality is ideal, when looking at the opportunities of co-operation with partners in Prague, Linz, or Passau.

TCP Vladislavova Building

More than 7,000 m2 of variable space for making it a headquarters. The space is suitable for offices, labs, workshops for light production, or special space with high security. The building is made up of one underground and four above the ground floors, whose space we are ready to adjust based on the wishes of the customer.

TCP Prazska building

Modern office space on the Prazska Street is ready for you to make it your headquarters. The modern administrative building is a part of a developing science-technology park and is found on the Prazska Street. It has two floors with the area of 788 m2 and 14 offices.