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Smart city

Rely on our knowledge of the smart solutions for cities. Use our experience gained from Smart City Pisek to develop your city or region.

Smart city concept

Smart City concept tries to stimulate investments into innovations in cities, so that the result primarily benefits the population – higher quality of life – increases the effectivity and competitiveness of local economies, and ensures the sustainability of individual cities. Currently, city infrastructures are significantly isolated and their use for building the Smart City thought is almost impossible. Within the Smart City activities, it is needed to transform the current state to highly integrated systems, which will allow the achievement of the aforementioned goals. Technologicke centrum Pisek brings into the Smart City concept a complex IT infrastructure, which is crucial for the integration of intelligent technologies, introduces a highly efficient environment for saving of data generated by individual implementations in the city , and, thanks to the openness of solutions, also makes it possible to create a new market on the regional level.

Smart City Pisek

Smart City Pisek concept tries to build an environment for the development of intelligent technologies right in the city of Pisek with the aim to make the city Pisek smarter and make the quality of life better.

Czech Smart City Cluster

Unique initiative, at whose birth TCP was, is aimed at building smart cities, where there will be ensured a high quality of life for all citizens in accordance with the rules of permanent sustainability.

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