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Education and networking

Think about the future employment of your students. We connect the academic and business spheres. Gain new employees, partners, and investors.

Technologicke centrum Pisek

is an accredited educational institutions of the Department of education, and is authorized to realize educational programs accredited for the law number 563/2004 Sb., about pedagogical workers. Research and education of the students or seminars for companies belong to the basic activities of TCP.

We connect
the academic and application sphere

The main goal is the active support of technical education

The aim of TCP in this area is active support for technical education not only in the Southern Bohemia region, but also on the national and international level. We co-operate actively with the education sector – from ground school, to high school, colleges, and universities. We solve common development projects with these subjects, provide internships for students, make scientific and research activities popular in the area of technical disciplines, and we help with the transfer of technologies from the academic to the application environment.

Areas of co-operation

Společné projekty

Common projects

Aktivní účast na výuce

Active participation on learning

Stáže pro studenty

Internships for students

Transfer technologií

Technology transfer

Popularizace technických oborů

Making technical disciplines popular

Provoz Centra praktické výuky

The operation of practical education center

EDU - PRO Consulting, a.s.


All the activities connected to educational and research projects are coordinated, administered, and sponsored by EDU-PRO Consulting, a.s. More detailed information can be found on the website of the company.