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Service portfolio

We have an option for everyone

Office space rental

The inspirational environment of TCP supports development, creativity, and acquiring knowledge. You can count on our support when pursuing your vision.

Data center

We offer a unique concept for an efficient consolidation of IT not only to our commercial partners - the academic sphere does not fall short.

Smart City

Utilize our experience from Smart City Pisek and develop your city or region. Open solutions and open data are at the your finger tips.

Technology consolidation

Open the door to teechnologies in your field. ICT brings you a leap ahead your competition. Discover top care and open source for your innovative processes.

Education and networking

Be a part of an innovative environment and think about the future of your students. Find new employees, partners, or investors.

Startup program

Ignite original projects and get connected to investors. TCP provides you with a professional environment fully at your disposal. Let us help you bring your idea to life.


Technologické centrum Písek spolupracuje s OPPIK, MPO a EFRG